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 {PoR}'s Battle Records

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{PoR}'s Battle Records Empty
PostSubject: {PoR}'s Battle Records   {PoR}'s Battle Records Icon_minitimeMon Dec 14, 2009 9:55 pm

{PoR}'s Clan Scrimmage Record

{PoR} defeats {LOW} [2-0] (Mtn^Dew, *Ashen*,-[PhaLanX]-) 12/13/09
{PoR} defeats {FOF} [3-0] (Mtn^Dew, *Ashen*,-[PhaLanX]-) 12/14/09
{PoR} defeats {FOF} [2-1] (*Ashen*,<Pepsi>) 12/16/09
{PoR} defeats {MTD} [3-2] (Mtn^Dew, *Ashen*,<Pepsi>, GlockSMG) 12/17/09
{PoR} defeats {Milleneum} [3-0] (Mtn^Dew, *Ashen*, <Pepsi>) 12/19/09
{PoR} defeats [DK] [3-0] (Mtn^Dew, -[PhaLanX]-, Demon_Blade, Sweet Revenge) 12/23/09

Map Record: 13-3
Clan Battle Record (Conquest): 5-0

{PoR}'s Clan Battle Record

No Battles Yet

Map Record: 0-0
Clan Battle Record (Conquest): 0-0

{PoR}'s Battle Records Mchalo
{PoR}'s Battle Records Happy_Greek2
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{PoR}'s Battle Records
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